In our sun-down perambulations, of late, through the outer parts of
Brooklyn, we have observed several parties of youngsters playing "base,"
a certain game of ball. We wish such sights were more common among us.

-- Walt Whitman, Brooklyn Eagle, July 23, 1846

Nowhere has the now National game of Base Ball, taken firmer hold
than in Brooklyn, and nowhere are there better players.

-- Henry Chadwick, Brooklyn Eagle, May 10, 1860

If you read the Mills Report of 1907, you might be tempted to believe that baseball history had something to do with Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, in upstate New York. That whitewash aside, baseball has very complex roots. The first draft of the modern game was codified by the Gotham and Knickerbocker Clubs in New York, and aggressively promoted by Brooklyn's Henry Chadwick. He gave us the box score, the whole notion of baseball statistics, and maybe the best press coverage the game ever had.

Largely as a result of Chadwick's influence, Brooklyn became one of the cradles of organized baseball. The borough saw teams in five different major leagues and in the Negro Leagues, with nicknames ranging from the Gladiators to the Royal Giants to the Hartfords to the Bridegrooms to the Mutuals. So we went in search of Brooklyn's professional baseball history, past and present. This is what we have found.

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If you'd like to read our minds a little, and see credit where it's due, please check our research notes, guest essays, and our history of base ball in Brooklyn from 1845 to 1870.

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