Brooklyn Eagle, May 10, 1883

The professional team of the Harrisburg Club, of Harrisburg, Pa., were the opponents of the Brooklyn Base Ball Association's team, in one of the series of inter-State championship matches on May 9, the same being played on one of the free fields of the Parade Ground at Prospect Park, in consequence of the Brooklyn club being unable to procure the use of the professional ground at Newark on that day. Had it been known that such a true exhibition of professional ball playing in a championship match was to take place at the park, between five and six thousand people would have surrounded the field; as it was, at the short notice given, nearly a thousand spectators watched the contest.

There have been some pretty rough nines seen on the park grounds in its history, but a worse lot of "kickers," or a more undisciplined and badly managed professional nine has never played in Brooklyn than the mixed lot of professional roughs who opposed the Brooklyn team in this match. A man named Myers, who, it is alleged, barely escaped explusion from the American Association for non payment of money to the association, is the manager of the nine, and another man named Shetzline, of Philadelphia, is the captain, while Schappert, of Brooklyn, is the pitcher; and these three made themselves offensively conspicuous by their "kicking" in every inning of the contest. Schappert began in the first inning by complaining about the ball, he intimating that it had been fraudulently introduced. Then this noteworthy trio began kicking against the decisions of the umpire on matters in which his judgement alone was concerned, Schappert exclaiming, "You make me sick," when balls were called on him instead of strikes; while Shetzline disputed the decision in the case of a runner touching a ball, and wanted the umpire to ask the audience, when he ought to have known that an umpire is prohibited by the rules from listening to any testimony in any case from players or spectators. In fact they kicked against every decision that was not in their favor, Myers telling the umpire "you're the worst I ever see," and "you ought to be shamed of yerself." Had the umpire been anything but impartial he might very readily have given the Brooklyn nine several bases on foul balks, for Schappert's delivery was half the time from above the shoulder. But he umpired the game fairly throughout and used good judgement. The visitors apparently tried to play a "bullies" game against him and failed.

The conduct of the Brooklyn nine was commendable under the circumstances, they playing a gentlemanly game throughout. The fact is the home team was under good management, while the visitors were about the worst managed professional team ever seen in the metropolis, and that is saying a good deal. The Harrisburg club had better see to it that their team is placed in more competent hands when traveling, or they will find themselves expelled from the association which the team now discredits.

Of the play on the occasion by the visitors, Schappert's wild throwing of the ball to the bat largely contributed to their defeat. He was punished by five earned runs and eleven base hits, though well supported in the field- except at second and third base and short stop- the catching of Walker being the best ever seen on the park ground, and the outfield, too, was well attended to. The battery work of the Brooklyn team was first class and the field support excellent. Indeed, they outplayed their opponents at nearly every point, but especially on batting. The score below gives the figures of the contest:

             BROOKLYN.                                HARRISBURG.
                 R.1B.PO. A. E.                           R.1B.PO. A. E.
Walker,1st b.....1  2  7  1  0           Shetzline,2d b...0  0  5  0  1
Farrow, c........3  1  8  5  0           Klein, r.f.......0  1  1  0  1
T.Manning,2d b...0  3  1  1  1           Casey,c.f........0  0  2  1  0
Schenck,3d b.....0  1  5  1  1           Myers,s.s........1  1  0  3  0
Eagan,p..........0  0  0  1  1           Burns,l.f........0  1  2  0  0
Williams,c.f.....1  2  1  0  0           Say,3d b.........0  0  2  4  2
Lough,l.f........1  1  2  0  0           South,1st b......0  2  8  1  0
Geer,s.s.........1  1  2  5  0           Miller,c.........0  0  6  0  0
Dolan,r.f........0  0  1  0  0           Schappert,p......0  0  1  2  2
                -- -- -- -- --                           -- -- -- -- --
Total............7 11 27 14  3           Total............1  5 27 11  6

                         RUNS SCORED
                    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
Brooklyn............0   0   1   0   1   4   0   0   1--7
Harrisburg..........0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0--1

First base on errors- Brooklyn, 6; Harrisburg, 2.
Earned runs- Brooklyn, 6; Harrisburg, 0.
Umpire- Mr. Fleming.
Time of game- 2 hours.

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