Made by Umpire Peoples in Yesterday's Contest.

The Brooklyn Team Was Winning Easily When the Game Was Forfeited for No Proper Cause Whatever--
Interesting News of the Ball Field.

Brooklyn Eagle, July 29, 1890.

Jimmy Peoples, who was at one time the star catcher of Byrne's Brooklyn club, but lost prestige owing to a bad case of swelled head, made a large number of enemies at the Long Island grounds by his adverse decisions. The Brooklyns were putting up a winning game and had everything their own way up to the eighth inning. The Columbus team had begun their half of the inning. Sneed, who was at the bat, knocked a foul, the ball going out of sight. Immediately a ball was thrown into the diamond from the grand stand, and somebody yelled to the umpire that a ball lay on the ground near him. But he called for a new ball, and as there had been a limited supply there were none on hand. Captain Gerhardt claimed that the ball that lay within ten feet of Peoples was in play. He picked it up and was about to throw it out when Captain McTamany, of the visiting team, very emphatically said that he would not play unless a new ball was forthcoming. This settled it in the mind of Umpire Peoples, and he then thought the same way. The ball which Sneed had batted was returned, and with three balls in his hands Peoples gave the game to the visitors. As the latter refused to play, the usual five minutes' time should have been allotted them, but the decision forfeiting the game to the party in the wrong is ludicrous in the extreme.

After the contest Peoples acknowledged that he had been hasty, and declared that he was sorry about the affair. He gave it as his opinion that the game, if protested by Manager Kennedy, would certainly be decided in favor of the Brooklyn team. That Umpire Peoples is not conversant with the rules was amply demonstrated when he allowed a player, after having once been retired, to again participate in the game. Gastright had been batted out of the box and was taken out of the game after the fifth inning, Chamberlain taking his place. In the seventh a new ball was tossed to Chamberlain by Peoples, and Chamberlain absolutely refused to pitch it. He was fined and sent to the bench. Gastright again went to the box and Captain Gerhardt objected. It was of no use. The rule on this point says: "Two players, whose names shall be printed on the score card as extra players, may be substituted at any time, by either club, but no player so retired shall thereafter participate in the game."

Manager Kennedy was very indignant over the queer decision and declared it was a case of the tail end team being robbed of games. He proposes to protest the game and is confident that the directors can do nothing else than give it to the Brooklyn team. The score of the game as played was as follows.

BROOKLYN (A.A.)                          COLUMBUS (A.A.)
                   R. 1B. P.O. A. E.                        R. 1B. P.O. A. E.
Nelson,s.s.........1   1   1   4   1     M'Tama'y,c.f.......3   1   2   0   1
Simon,l.f..........2   0   2   0   0     Sneed,r.f..........3   3   0   0   0
Dailey,p...........3   1   0   0   0     Johnson,l.f........0   2   1   0   0
Davis,3b...........3   3   2   3   1     O'Connor,c.........1   0   5   1   1
O'Brien,1b.........2   3   8   0   0     Reilly,3b..........0   0   1   3   0
Peltz,c.f..........2   2   1   0   0     Crooks,2b..........0   0   3   3   0
Gerhardt,2b........0   0   2   2   0     Wheelock,s.s.......0   1   2   1   2
Pitz,c.............0   1   3   3   0     Lehane,1b..........1   1  10   1   2
Bowes,r.f..........0   2   2   0   0     Gastright,p........0   1   0   0   0
                                         Chamber'n,p........0   0   0   2   0
                   -   -   -   -   -                        -   -   -   -   -
Total.............13  13  21  11   2     Total..............8   9  24  11   6

                      SCORE BY INNINGS
            1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
Brooklyn    5    0    0    0    4    0    4    0 -- 13
Columbus    2    0    2    3    0    0    1    . --  8

Earned runs - Brooklyn, 8; Columbus, 1.
First base on errors- Brooklyn, 5; Columbus, 2.
Left on bases- Brooklyn, 11; Columbus, 7.
Home run- Peltz.   Three base hit- Johnson.
Two base hits- Davis (2), O'Brien, Lehane.
Stolen bases- Nelson, Peltz (2), Bowes (3).
Sacrifice hits- Peltz, Reilly (2), Crooks (2).
Struck out- Pitz, Bowes, O'Connor, Chamberlain.
First base on balls- Off Dailey, 7; off Gastright, 5; off Chamberlain, 1.
Passed balls- Pitz, 1; O'Connor, 2.
Wild pitches- Gastright, 1; Dailey, 1.
Umpire- Mr. Peoples. Time- 2 hours and 13 minutes.
Attendance- 1,000.

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