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how David drives Stacy nuts buying the same book all the time

If you take a look at our book collection, you'll quickly notice there's a strong John Wyndham theme. My father introduced me to his short stories back when I was 8, and I've never stopped reading his work or looking to add to the collection.

Thanks to Stacy, and abebooks, the Wyndham collection has grown a lot since I moved to the USA. Every Wyndham book several times over, a number of anthologies, pulp magazines, photocopies of some really rare old stuff... The full list of books is here- soon we will add coverscans for everything too.

The obvious missing items are first editions. We're not made of money, and honestly I'd rather spend $250 on 30 cool paperbacks, with artwork I've not seen, than one hardcover. Maybe one day we'll start working on that.

It took a long time, but I've nearly read and obtained a copy of every published story Wyndham had to offer. I think only two remain: Curse of the Burdens, a more or less unobtainable pulp mystery novel, and In Outer Space There Shone a Star, from the TV Times Christmas Extra for 1965. Got that one? Please help!

In the meantime, we can gloat over the two highlights of the collection:

Some Wyndham links: