Well, I used to have my (very short) bibliography up here, but I decided that was silly because, like I said, it's short. Since college, most of my non-work writing has been other freelance journalism projects. At some point, I'll pull together a portfolio page of articles and links, but 'at some point' has remained distant for, er, several years.

So instead this page gets to house just a few things. For now. Perhaps its sparseness will inspire or guilt me into more writing.

First up is "M&Ms and Daffodils," which I'm putting here because it was the first thing I'd written to have something resembling wide distribution. (I wrote it my senior year of high school. Versions of it ran in a few newspapers, and in The Best College Admission Essays, though I can't recall if I actually sent it to any colleges.) It also helped bring me and David together. This isn't what I would write now, but it's what I wrote then.

Also up here is "A Fork in the River," which I wrote for a college fiction class. It's one of my few non-science fiction short stories.