My mom used to cross-stitch, and my sister has recently reconverted me to the craft. (Apparently knitting is the trendy urban fad of the moment. Maybe stitching will be next.) Mom would be shocked -- I never sat still long enough to actually finish any projects when I was a kid. Clicking on any image will lead to a larger image.

Works in Progress

This is the first project I started after taking up stitching again in November. It's Dimensions "Frederick the Literate" kit.

Finished Projects

David came up with a drawing of the Welsh flag a few years ago for use on CricInfo. He's been asking for a stitched version; so, using Stitch, I converted it into my first homemade pattern project. I've since switched to Pattern Maker, but Stitch is a nice little free program. The pattern for this is a bit of a mess, but if anyone ever wants it, drop an e-mail and I'll clean it up and pass it on. This one is stitched on 28-count evenweave. (4-03)
My first linen project (28-count antique white Cashel). This is Teresa Wentzler's free Tempest chart. I made a few changes, primarily the colour conversion. (It's not one I worked out -- it's the green conversion posted here.) I also used Wisper thread for the steam, and added a thread of gold metallic on some of Tempest's purple bits and on his name. Sewn on (3-03)
This is actually the first project I tackled after taking up cross-stitching again, but I had to wait until it was gifted to put up a scan here. I finished most of the work in November, then waited until February for Gnipgnop to acquire a name and birthday. A local framing shop did a great job finishing this off. (2-02)
Calico Crossroads has a series of charts of Kats by Kelly designs. This one is "Tech Support," and was done as a holiday present for my friend Amy, who serves as staff to many many kitties. It's stitched on 28-count Lugana. My first evenweave project. (12-02)
I had Lugana left over from the "Tech Support" project and wanted to stitch something quick, so I worked up Dragon Dreams's free "Love Takes Two" dragonlets chart. My version is slightly off from the chart -- I didn't have one of the pinks called for, and thought that bit looked a bit odd, so I left it out. I also have a straight-on shot of the finished version, though beware the flash-glare. I didn't have a chance to scan or shoot this one before popping it in the frame. (12-02)