Also known as the land o' links.

If you miss computer games like Zork, go immediately to the unofficial Infocom homepage. Well, actually, that's not so accurate—personally, my favourite Infocom game was always A Mind Forever Voyaging, but Zork is probably the genre's best-known example. Anyway, interactive fiction is my time-sucking but much-enjoyed hobby. There's some info about it on my bookweb's (aging and outdated) IF page, and Stephen Granade's site is a great resource. Also indispensable is the IF archive.

I've been threatening to enter a game in the annual IF competition every year since 1999. One day I'll actually do it. In the meantime, I've finally written my first (very, very short) game as part of the IF Arcade project. I don't really recommend actually playing it. It's pretty much a 'learn Inform' project. But hey, there it is.

As I said on my ramblings page, if you ever want to find me, just pop on over to ifMUD and look for Kiz. I'm probably there. IfMUD is also where I met David, my incredibly wonderful Aussie, with whom I've entered the holy state of eternal INS paperwork hell.

I used to play in RPGs occasionally. My first game rocked and I met some awesome people through it. I still have my character bio and some of the logs online. I delinked them, because looking back at them now makes me wince, but I'm leaving them up in case anyone looking at this is a former simmer and wants to revel in nostalgia. To get to the sim pages, go to's-name. (Just her name, no .html or anything. Three letters.)

After a hiatus of several years, I'm playing in my second RPG, the ifMud Nobilis campaign being run by inky. Nobilis is a very well-written game ideally suited to the kind of storytelling enjoyed by us IF hobbyists, so things are working out well.

I love all books, but I especially love science-fiction, and I really especially love nearly everything written by Greg Egan and Michael Marshall Smith. As far as other writing goes, I read the Washington Post and MediaNews every morning. Now that I'm mucking about the kitchen and learning to cook a bit, I also surf frequently through eGullet.

I will also stick in a plug here for my bank. Because it's a very cool bank.