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I love used bookstores.

I love browsing through them and finding cookbooks from the 1930s, science fiction from the '50s, and obscure novels I'd never find at Barnes & Noble. Several years ago, long before it was famous, I accidently landed at Amazon.com and gleefully started ordering all those obscure books I'd been hunting for years, like Michael Brady's To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.

While the giant searchable online megabookstores are fabulous for finding the books you know you want, they aren't so great for stumbling across those you don't know you're looking for. And that's where the bookweb comes in: here's a place to stumble across books. These are the books that the people around me are reading: at work, on campus, on the subways and around the city. They're the books I love, and the ones the people I run into remember. I've organized the books into some general categories, but I hope you'll check out genres you might not read very often—cool books hide everywhere.

Everything listed in the bookweb is linked to a page where it can be ordered (I've linked to cheapest version of each book, usually paperback). Since the bookweb is an Amazon.com Associate, most of the links go through Amazon. If I find the book offered somewhere else less expensively, though, I'll link there, and some of the out-of-print and hard-to-find books are linked to other suppliers. Some of the stuff is even free—check out the interactive and online fiction sections. Wherever possible, I've included the jacket text, a quote, and a few brief comments about each book. If someone other than me is recommending the book, I've also included a link to their homepage and e-mail address (if there's no link, it's one I picked). Like a book? Hate it? Have questions about it? E-mail the recommender!

One last note: all proceeds from the bookweb are donated to the Lucas Scott Livingston Memorial Fund.

And now, on with the books . . .

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